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Welcome to Technology Integration -


making it work in your classroom


Instructor: Jane Wilde - Absolute Computing Solutions - mailto:solutions@absolutecomputingvt.com

8:30-4:30, July 9-13, 1pm-5pm, September 27, 2007 at the Learning Collaborative, Rt 5 Dummerston, Vermont




tech integration syl.doc



Class Notes:  Monday, July 9, 2007

The class began with a few basic command instructions and the entry into the site porta portal.com where the class logged in, created passwords and began their individual list of categories of interest. We learned that default preferences refered to what programmers decide to give you and that increasing resolution actually means making things smaller.

The class then moved in to quick access to links  using "Q" quicklinks  in order to click open links in a new window by way of Google. This process involves copying (control C), highlighting the address or editing, click Q, paste, add link and refresh.

We established [t i m i w] as the class password in order to collaborate with the rest of the group when needed.

WIKI's were established.  Why WIKI's? A wiki allows multiple persons to collaborate.  It is a place that gives you space to sign up and explore...go to pbwiki.com.

General Web searching tips were discussed.  Another website del.icio.us is a social bookmarking site that many people prefer to use, however, has the disadvantage of not being sortable if you choose to move items around within the links.  Links have been tagged...for ex. Gr. 1, Gr.2, etc.

Web brousing tips: Wikipedia in an online encyclopedia that can be edited by anyone. While  surfing for specific information  it is important to use key words to narrow your search.  A  general category...for ex. Agriculture needs to be more specific.

The class read and discussed the 20 year old ACOT study done by teachers that lists the five stages of technology development; 1. Entry, 2. Adoption, 3. Adaption, 4. Appropriation and 5. Invention. The class discovered that a great many points made within the five domains of the project are still valid concerns within the realm of technology in the classrooms today.

An aside.....jumps, thumbs, flash, memory stick and/or key chain all refer to the same removable saver of data that is useful for transferring items from one computer to another....however...not terribly reliable and prone to damage - do not depend on to save important data.

The class concluded with a discussion  of what we will present as a project that will reflect our use of technology and that it is incorporated into or somehow relates to the GE for technology.  Do we know what the technology GE is for our particular grade?

End of Class:  Each person logged in to the class WIKI with their own personal page.

Remainder of week to include: Social networking - Kathy Schrock - Second Life-


Assignment for tomorrow:  Ruth and Sue = Class Notes

                                           Read Article

                                           Bring Digital Camera

                                           Each Day a New Person needs to set up the projector


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Anonymous said

at 9:56 pm on Jul 12, 2007

Hi Jane, I know you said we only needed one comment but once I got started I couldn't stop - it was such a nice way to 'check-in' with all the folks I've been stumbling around with all week. We've come a long way together with your guidance. Thanks so much.

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